Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas THANK YOUs to industry friends and colleagues

Well my goal was for 100 books but I stopped counting after the first lot of boxes started coming through!  In the end I have no idea how many books were collected but I know it took me four trips from work in my Holden Cruze to get all the boxes of books home.  They were eventually picked up one Friday morning by a police surveillance van (and didn't THAT get the neighbours talking!!!! - but that's a story for another day) and the books are now in the hands of women and children in a refuge this Christmas due to domestic violence. 
Thank you to all those publishers who responded and for the huge response from Twitter.  In the end I estimated around 100,000 people had it in their feed and I had a lovely response from many publishers, as well as from the general public, that kept me very busy for a few nights!

Anyway, a special, and very public thank you, to the following publishers and authors who kindly donated books for the refuge care of my work address (see previous post here.)  The photos below are just a sample of what was received and unfortunately not all books were documented, but as the days progressed, I'm sure you can see what happened to my office in the photos below!


SIMON & SCHUSTER  (who sent at least eight boxes - thanks guys!)      

HARDIE GRANT                                                                                   

SLEEPERS PUBLISHING                                                                                

ANITA HEISS                                                                                                    

To my work colleagues and my boss - who were happy for me to do this but were awfully relieved when all the boxes were picked up so we could use my office again!  THANK YOU as well.

Have a great Christmas and a wonderful 2013.

- Rachael